1. How do I Create my Own Session?

Sessions are a simple way to bookmark and curate the content you love on TTFit. Click the “Add”  icon to save exercises to your Session. Simply add a name, and it will be saved for you in that ‘session’ these sessions can be made private so only you can see them or you can make them public for the TTFit community to enjoy and rate!


2. I get redirected to the Login Page?

Sessions are yours and are assigned to your unique ID. For this, you need to be a registered user of TTFit. There is a “register” link at the bottom of the login form.

3. My sessions get added to the community feed?

TTFit and its users are allowed to share their sessions to the public. These will appear in the community session feed. Users can Vote sessions up and down. If you do not wish to share your new session publically please ensure you check the ‘Private’ checkbox.


4. I want to send my sessions to my friends?

No problem, simply go to ‘My Session Tab’ on the TTFit App, and click one of the 3 share Share options. Facebook, Email & Twitter. Note if you share this link anyone with the link can view that particular session.


3. I want to upload my own training ideas?

Not a problem, simply go to ‘upload exercise tab’ on the TTFit app, create an exercise title, add a description and share the youtube url. Once submitted TTFit team endeavour to approve relevant uploads ASAP. These exercises will then be available to add to your ‘Sessions’ via the Community Exercises Feed.

Add to Session


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